Choi Yun Jung
Pop kids #25
Oil on canvas
100 x 100cm
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Artist Choi Yunjung places the glasses and the images reflected upon them on modern humans' faces like icons, as if she were trying to make spectators realize their rectangular frames and look into the mirror.

The young children, women or men appearing in the paintings seem to represent diverse character against the background of contemporary culture, however, they are in fact nothing but stereotypical symbolic images dominated by the power structure of the media, and mere icons of desire made by such media environment. This is what the artist is trying to demonstrate through her works.

Hence, the artist depicts modern humans' ways of seeing not only through the expressions of the figures, but also by selecting the symbolic object called glasses, and transforming them into frames resembling windows or TV monitors in an attempt to create a single context with the diverse frames, which come face-to-face with the icons of desire. By doing so, Choi is inviting the spectators to the consequent obscure and awkward situation.

-Lee Seung-Hoon of Cyart Research Center