Hong Sang Sik
「Between 」
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35cm (W) x 100cm (H) x 12cm (D)
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With acrylic box size: 38 (W) x 103 (H) x 17.5 (D) cm
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Magic Straw. In modern arts, the material has greater significance than any other times. As modern arts can be expressed as the war against materials, the material is important in modern arts. In particular, the materials in the cubic work in which the property of the matter is emphasized play more special roles. Thus, it is natural for the material itself to become the artistic work. From this perspective, the works of Sang-Sik Hong built with straws are very interesting. It seems to be insufficient for the material as it is easily bent and delivers very little sense of mass. Then, why should the material be the straw? To this question of his material choice, Sang-Sik Hong answered simply by saying "if you rub a section of the noodle, the noodle pushed out of the other side makes all kinds of shape through the undulations. This childhood play was the beginning of my work". However, the material 'straw' chosen from his childhood play shows noticeable characteristics in his works.